Project examples 2013

Renewal of the streets Hverfisgata and Frakkastígur

Mannvit has recently been involved in the renewal of Hverfisgata and Frakkastígur in central Reykjavík. Both streets were completely renewed. The buyer was the Environment and Planning Division of the City of Reykjavík.


The renewal means that all soil is replaced, as are all pipelines/conduits, a snow-melt system is installed in pavements and bicycle lanes and the surface either laid with tarmac or paving stones, trees are planted and lighting and walkways installed.


Mannvit is responsible for all pre-design, tender design, tender documents and cost estimates with the exception that Arkís is the sub-contractor for landscape design. The design of electrical and communications conduits is in the hands of their owners.

“In this project, bicycle lanes have been laid in Hverfisgata and Frakkastígur at the expense of parking. The City is encouraging residents to use public transport and to walk more by doing so. Projects such as this are generally hotly disputed and are heavily covered by the media, particularly when there are delays to their completion, but when all is said and done most people are quite happy with the changes.“

Ólafur Sigurðsson

Project Manager