Project examples 2013

Enlargement of the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal

Increased tourist traffic poses challenges, one of which was the enlargement of the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal. Passenger increases every year have been between 15 and 18% in the past two to three years. Mannvit is responsible for all electrical and lighting design in the current enlargement of the south building towards the west. Extensive experience has been gained in the partnership as all the Terminal’s technical systems have been designed by Mannvit from the very beginning. The current enlargement will be approximately 5,000m2 on two floors and a basement.


The new building is linked to the current building and is intended for passengers from within and outside the Schengen area. There will be an option of adding a third floor. The project budget is between ISK 2.5-3.5bn.


Air terminals are complicated buildings and Mannvit’s design will include an access control system, sound system, fire alarm system, camera system, flight information system, various building management systems and a computer and telephone system. Mannvit is also responsible for all the design and preparation of tender documents for the equipment and conduits needed for aircraft ground connections, as well as apron lighting.


The entire design of electrical and lighting systems is based on the latest technology. Energy saving equipment is used, all energy use is measured and the systems are centrally controlled.

“The large increase in the number of transit passengers means that during peak hours, certain areas become very crowded. This enlargement means that the passengers will be more evenly distributed and the airport will be able to throughput at least 3.5 million passengers in 2015.“

Jens Pétur A. Jensen

Project Manager