Knowledge that is of global interest

Mannvit is a modern knowledge company that continuously seeks ways to develop the talents and abilities of its employees. 2013 gave us ample scope to strengthen in-house education and training as well as to map out employee knowledge.

This work will undoubtedly be extremely useful in the future when investments start to increase again. Mannvit’s employees have considerable and extensive specialist knowledge that can be a huge advantage on the world stage, as was clearly seen during the year in our market advances overseas.

The tasks of Mannvit’s Human Resources Department in 2013 were characterised by streamlining within the company’s operations. Although the number of employees has decreased through actions that are difficult for any workplace, opportunities for advancement opened up in various fields. These opportunities were first and foremost in the company’s internal operations and project development.

“There are many challenges in overseas market advancement. Increases in the number of projects overseas, moreover, will allow staff to widen their horizons, both professionally and personally.”

Drífa Sigurðardóttir

Human Resources Manager

Memorable celebrations

Mannvit celebrated a milestone anniversary in 2013 with the celebrations lasting most of the year with numerous events being held. The highlights were the birthday party on 7th March when we celebrated the 50th anniversary since the establishment of Verkfræðistofu Guðmundar og Kristjáns (VGK Engineering) and the outstanding celebratory event at Harpa on 5th October when the legendary band Hljómar played for our guests and were as fabulous as ever.

The projects mean everything

An increase in the number of projects in Norway, Asia and Africa has had a positive impact on staff and has involved numerous challenges. The number of women in our workforce has unfortunately not increased to the extent that we would have wished for in recent years. Mannvit plans, therefore, to do its best to increase the proportion of women in engineering and technology by collaborating with educational bodies and NGOs. Such efforts should benefit the economy and society as a whole in the long term.



A generational change is underway at Mannvit.

Gender ratio

Mannvit makes every effort to increase the number of women in the company.


The focus is on a diversity in the background of employees.

Length of service

Good mix of experience and new knowledge.

Target achieved

One of the company's goal is that over 40% of employees will use transportation grant.