Project examples 2013

Búdarháls Station and Búdarháls line

Búdarháls Station, Iceland’s newest power station, was  formally commissioned in March 2014. With the addition of the Búdarháls Station, the head from Lake Thórisvatn to the Búrfell Station has for the most part been fully utilised. The new power plant, therefore, maximises results from the energy sources in the area entrusted to Landsvirkjun with sustainable use, value creation and economy as a guiding light, in accordance with the company’s role.


Mannvit was heavily involved in the research, preparation and design of Búdarháls Station and the Búdarháls transmission line. Mannvit was also responsible for the environmental impact assessment for the project and the organisation of various research projects relating thereto. In Búdarháls Station, Mannvit was involved in the plant proposals from the very beginning and its responsibilities included research and project design for the power plant, design of the tender for valve equipment and penstocks together with the preparation of tender documents and design reviews for such equipment. Mannvit managed the invitation to tender and final design of a 100 m single-span bridge over the Tungnaá River together with road construction over the Búdarháls pass.


Mannvit also provided the contracting party (Landsvirkjun) with assistance in negotiations and was involved in audits in the factories of equipment manufacturers, together with providing assistance with on-site monitoring.

“The installed capacity of the plant is currently 95 MW with unchanged arrangements from the project design. The station has been extremely useful in the latter part of the winter when there was a lack of energy due to the low water levels in Landsvirkjun’s reservoirs.“

Ómar Ö. Ingólfsson

Project Manager