Mannvit offers services in all the principal disciplines of engineering consultancy, geology, construction materials research, project management and EPCM project management.

About Mannvit

Decades of experience in energy development

One of the three cornerstones in Mannvit’s operation is services in the field of energy related projects where the company has built up extensive knowledge due to natural conditions in harnessing the power of waterfalls and geothermal energy in Iceland. Mannvit has provided services to Icelandic energy companies for decades and has been involved, in one form or another, in most projects in this field in Iceland over the past half century. This applies equally to projects in the field of hydropower and geothermal energy as well as to energy distribution and transmission.


In recent years the operation of the company in this field has increased considerably internationally, not least in the field of geothermal energy. It is a distinct pleasure to see the results achieved in overseas markets where we advanced in the provision of services for geothermal projects, such as in Germany, Hungary, Kenya and the Philippines. Mannvit has thus established its credibility in these markets based on decades of experience in the Icelandic market. In Norway and Europe there was an increase in the field of construction, electricity transmission systems, geothermal and hydroelectric projects.


Despite the economic downturn in these fields here in Iceland, the opening of the Búdarháls Power Plant was one of the highlights of energy development in Iceland in 2013. This project is a natural continuation of harnessing the head in Landsvirkjun’s power plant system in the upper section of the River Thjórsá.

“Mannvit has for decades played an important role in harnessing Iceland’s energy resources and will hopefully continue to do so. The knowledge that has thereby been developed within the company has now become a valuable export product. We have, therefore, high hopes in this field for the future.”

Árni Magnússon

Managing Director of Renewable Energy & Transmission

Development of diverse industries

Services in the field of mechanical engineering is one of Mannvit’s mainstays. Our experts solve a diversity of tasks in machine design, controls, development of technical solutions, feasibility studies and project management for industries. The company also has very specialised technical knowledge to provide the aluminium industry with services, both here in Iceland and overseas. These tasks are performed by our subsidiary, HRV. Our experts undertake all the primary work components in the preparation, construction and operation of facilities that relate to energy intensive industries in Iceland. These include environmental impact assessments, environmental studies and monitoring, planning, preparatory research and the design of facilities and equipment.


Project preparations in the energy intensive industry sector are underway in many places in Iceland and indicate that there are investments on the way. During 2013, however, there were few such projects and, as a result, the Industry Department’s activities involved for the most part project development. One could say that the year was characterised by preparations for larger projects. In this context, we can mention oil and gas projects in the North Atlantic, which are still at their preliminary stages, although preparations in Iceland form the foundation for such value-added services being based in the country.


Mannvit has been involved in a greater number of smaller projects this year than usual. The projects undertaken included the design and development of fishmeal factories, a chemical plant installation, together with a gas processor and composting facility using biological waste and general waste. There were slight investments in fisheries although much remains to be done and we believe that in this respect Mannvit could be heavily involved in development and renewal within the seafood industry.


Mannvit’s advance into new market areas such as Norway and Greenland continued. Small projects were initiated in Greenland. This market, however, contains exciting opportunities in the future.

 “Ever since the aluminium plant in Straumsvík began operations in 1970, there has been considerable development of competence and ingenuity involving energy intensive industries in Iceland. Mannvit’s significant involvement in these projects has led to extensive technical and industrial know-how; such experience is one of the cornerstones of the company’s continuing contribution to industry and its development.”


Haukur Óskarsson

Managing Director of Industry and Oil & Gas

Constructions of various types

Mannvit provides comprehensive and diverse services in the field of construction. Our customer base is extremely broad and we need, therefore, to listen closely to the customer to find out what services suit them best. Some want us to manage all work components while other customers have very strong views on how the project is to be carried out. It is necessary, therefore, to approach projects from different angles depending on the customer.


There is a great deal of competition for the projects available in our markets, i.e. in Iceland and in Norway. We have focused heavily on developing our own projects and 2013 was no exception in this regard. Projects in Norway, however, are mostly through submission of bids.


The main projects in 2013 in the field of construction include the design of a hotel and apartments next to Harpa, alterations to the “Leifur Eiríksson” International Airport Terminal in Keflavik, design of data centres, schools in Norway, where there were also several geotechnical projects. 2013 was also characterised by diverse projects in the field of transport and planning such as the redesign of Reykjavík’s downtown streets, examination of a new airport site for Reykjavík National Airport and a new central bus terminal as well as a review of the area plans of the greater Reykjavík area.


Rescue packages for larger buildings, fire protection consultancy services, audits of indoor environmental quality in workplaces and risk assessments were the main tasks in the field of environmental and safety matters.


Our research facility has handled diverse projects both here in Iceland and in Norway. The main projects in 2013 were plate, asphalt and concrete testing for various customers together with aggregates testing. Our staff has also investigated building quality in various parts of Iceland, particularly as regards mould and moisture problems.

“Mannvit has been increasing turnover in the infrastructure market considerably over the past two years and plans to continue to grow in its main markets in infrastructure, which are in Iceland and Norway.“

Tryggvi Jónsson

Managing Director of Infrastructure

All of Mannvit’s operations are certified under international quality, environmental and safety management standards

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

OHSAS 18001:2007

Mannvit, and its subsidiaries and associates, have operations in the UK, Hungary, Germany, Chile and Norway as well as in Iceland. Mannvit’s main offices are in Reykjavík and it has another seven offices outside of Reykjavík.

Executive Board of Directors 2013

Eyjólfur Árni Rafnsson


Árni Magnússon

Managing Director of Renewable Energy & Transmission

Drífa Sigurðardóttir

Human Resource Manager

Haukur Óskarsson

Managing Director of Industry and Oil & Gas

Skapti Valsson

Deputy CEO

Sigurhjörtur Sigfússon


Tryggvi Jónsson

Managing Director of Infrastructure